Auto Trading Robot for Binary Options

Auto Trading Robots are not a new concept, but they are now becoming more popular and traders need to know which ones work.

The basis of an auto trading robot, is the signal feeds that it trades from, coupled with the risk management features built into the software. Many algorithms for trading signals are built to generate trade ideas every 5 seconds. All this does is generate huge trading volumes with no control over the quality of the trade ideas.

Since many auto trading robots are built as closed black boxes, the trader has no way of controlling risk. Therefore, most robots will just run for a few days, or a few weeks until they hit a long enough loosing streak to wipe out a traders entire account!

When we look at an Auto Trading Robot, there are a few things we need to check.

  1. Which assets is the robot going to auto trade for us.
  2. How many trades a day will the software execute.
  3. What is the track record of accurate trade ideas.
  4. With which brokers is the auto trading robot compatible.
  5. Are they CySEC licensed brokers or offshore brokers.

Have a look at the real popular trading software called the Option Robot.

The first thing you notice that differentiates it from other auto trading robots is the professionalism in its design. It is not like those scam pop up videos which are all over the web. This robot was made by experienced traders. When you open a free account you are presented with a list of brokers to choose from. They work with some of the best binary option brokers in the industry! An interesting fact is that many brokers actually recommend to their traders to use this software.

All traders know that 90% accuracy across the board for all asset classes is impossible, but a serious trader can analyze past results, and increase their odds by only selecting the assets which the auto trading robot accurately places good trades for.

Try the Auto Trading Robot today, see here.

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