Russia Binary Option Brokers

Binary Option Brokers in Russia are regulated by the SRO called CRFIN (Centre for Regulation in OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies).

As binary option trading becomes more popular in Russia, there are many CySEC regulated brokers who are entering the Russian market. Some brokers have their platforms available in Russian and other do not.

When traders in Russia search for a broker, the 3 main items to look at are: Is the site available in Russian? Is there a local phone number to call? Does customer service actually speak Russian.

Recently the binary options broker 24Option became a member of CRFIN.

The popular binary option brokers like GrandOption24Option & Dragon Options, have all translated their trading platforms into Russian. They also have local phone number in Russia for their traders and they have a full team of customer service agents and brokers who are fluent speaking native Russians.

A favorite brokers among Russian traders is GrandOption. The main reason they are so popular probably has to do with their low minimum deposit requirement of $100. While most traders in Russia open accounts with much larger sums on money.

Russian traders like to test out a broker first and when they are comfortable with the broker, they will deposit more money.

GrandOption uses the TechFinancials platform and offers a variety of Forex and currency pairs for trading, see here.

TopOption uses the new KeyStone trading platform, see here.

Do you know how to say binary option in Russian? бинарные опционы (Pronounced like this: binarnyye optsiony).

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